The New E-RIMS Brewery


DIY RIMS Brewery

This is the first post in my series on building a semi-automated, 10-gallon, electric RIMS brewery that will be controlled by a BeagleBone Black via a web interface. I’m starting out by getting the mash tun up and running. So, my first purchases were a chugger pump and a RIMS tube (I’ve got the BeagleBone already).

I’ve begun planning the software aspects out and I think I’m going to use:

  • Zurb Foundation – for my front-end UI framework
  • – to get the front-end and server talking to each other in real time
  • Node.js – on the back-end
  • BoneScript – the Node.js/JS library for talking to BeagleBone’s IO

Though, who knows. Once I dive into it deeper I may change these specs. I’ll be hosting all the code, called BrewMation, on github, so if anyone wants to help out, feel free to send some pull requests my way.

At some point if I need to do units conversion I’ll probably make use of js-quantities. And I’ve seen some code for a software PID floating around github. I’m going to need that soon.

Today my RIMS tube and chugger pump arrived from NorCal Brewing Solutions. I shopped around and they had a good price on the type of tube I wanted and included fittings. Only change I made is that it comes with a compression fitting for the temperature probe. I ordered a 4″ PT100 RTD with 1/2″ NPT threads from Auber Instruments, so I needed a female threaded fitting for that end of the tube. Fortunately they had that part and switched it out for me.

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